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Home Health Aide Supervision...Right & Wrong

Include the following evidence-based MyHomecareBiz OASIS Home Health best for evaluating home health aide responsibilities and home health aide supervision:

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 10, 2019

2020 PDGM Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Careplan

Thrombophlebitis, also known as Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) is the inflammation of veins resulting in the formation of blood clots (thrombosis) that interfere the normal blood flow in the extremities. Typically, PVD occurs in the legs and feet. PVD in deep veins can be...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 9, 2019

2020 PDGM Visit Utilization for Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

Now that we will have a 30 day billing cycle under Medicare’s Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), there’s no reason not to strive to achieve patient goals within this 30 day window.  Many of your patients, with manageable risk factors, should be able to achieve...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 8, 2019

2020 PDGM Utilization for Congestive Heart Failure: Home Health Careplan

There are thirty-six (36) different casemix scenarios for cardiac patients under Medicare's Patient-Driven-Groupings- Model (PDGM) payment system that goes into effect January 1, 2020. The casemix is contingent on from where the patient was discharged, her/his functional abilities,...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 7, 2019

11 Screening Must-Dos Before Hiring Home Health Aides

Adapted from the AIG Home Health Edition: The home health aide screening process is one of the most important steps in hiring a home health aide. The following activities can help to assure that the right person is hired.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Apr 1, 2019

Medicare Updates Home Health Re-Certification Requirements

Estimation of Duration of Services No Longer Required

Effective April 22, 2019, certifying physicians who sign patients' home health plan of care DO NOT need to estimate how long the patient will continue to need home health care.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Mar 26, 2019

OASIS M1860 Ambulation/Locomotion - Answer Indicated GG0170 Only

Just because the patient has a mobility deficit doesn’t mean s/he is a candidate for physical therapy. The patient’s status prior to this current episode is the primary driver that determines if physical therapy is needed or not. If the patient is not a candidate for therapy and...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Mar 5, 2019

Does Your Home Health Orientation Include These 11 Items?

Home Health orientation basics include showing new workers how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. But thriving home health agencies know that it is important to go much further than that. Orientation is the perfect time to begin soft skills training, and to introduce...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 27, 2019