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Home Health Management: 7 Keys to Retaining Employees

The quality of home health management that home health care nurses, therapists or aides receive is critical to employee retention. The reasons home health workers leave their jobs has more to do with management and supervision not the job itself.

It is not enough that the supervisor...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on May 30, 2017

Home Health Management: Disaster Preparedness

As part of your MyHomecareBiz home health management planning include disaster preparedness to satisfy JCAHO, CHAP and ACHC compliance. In the event of a flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, wind storm, and any other disaster that affects the delivery of scheduled home health...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on May 16, 2017

Busy Minds Fight Dementia in Home Health Care Patients

From Healthday: Mentally stimulating activities can protect patients' brains against aging, even if genetically predisposed toward dementia or Alzheimer's disease, a new study reports MyHomecareBiz

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Apr 12, 2017

Home Care Marketing: Get Board-certified Clinical Specialists

Board-certified specialists will double your referrals.

Home Care Marketing...What would be the ideal 'opening dialogue' to have with a potential referral source like a physician or discharge planner?  It should go something like this...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Apr 4, 2017

Managing the Home Health Patient on Insulin

Home health patient teaching for insulin therapy include the following MyHomecareBiz objectives: 

1. To provide the suggested procedure for the initiation of insulin for people with diabetes which is evidence based and considered best practice2. To ensure that the patient is able to...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Mar 28, 2017

New Home Health Conditions Effective 7/13/2017

FROM MEDICARE: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have finalized HHA care policies and rules governing HHAs that will improve the quality of home health care services for Medicare and Medicaid, MyHomecareBiz.com.

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Mar 13, 2017

Home Health Best Practices: M2250 Pressure Ulcer Care Plan

For the patient with and/or at risk for pressure ulcers, in addition to assessing M2250 Pressure Ulcer care and prevention on OASIS C home health care forms, also include these MyHomecareBiz Best Practice assessment strategies:  

Best Practice Assessment Strategies for Pressure...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Jan 31, 2017

Bonus From Home Health Blood Pressure Medications: Fewer Fractures?

(HealthDay News) -- High blood pressure and weakened bones are two big health issues for seniors with and without home health care services.Now, new data suggests that one class of drugs might help protect against both.

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Jan 30, 2017