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Home Health Management: Research Finds Hospice Effective and Cheaper

Home Health Management- The Journal of the American Medical Association has recently published a report comparing the use of hospice services vs. non-hospice patients. The hospice movement has become increasingly popular for patients who wish to remain in a homelike setting, rather...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 13, 2017

Short-Term Home Health Marketing Basics II...

Your Business Development Plan should have short-term home health MyHomecareBiz marketing and long term business growth goals.

For the long term you want to make sure your Agency is working toward achieving top OASIS outcomes.  When you achieve a ranking that puts you in the top...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Jan 18, 2017

OASIS C: Teach Home Health Care Patients about Infection Control

Include the following MyHomecareBiz evidence-based OASIS C home health care best practices for teaching infection control:

Posted by Melissa Cott on Dec 12, 2016

Home Health Care: Contingency Plans are Good for Business

Home health care management: as a certified home health agency you should have a policy stating that the patient must have a competent, appropriate,

Posted by Melissa Cott on Dec 7, 2016

Home Health Best Practices for COPD - Skilled Nursing Teaching and Care Plan

For the patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD, in addition to assessing shortness of breath on M1400, also include these Best Practice assessment strategies:  

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 22, 2016

Home Health Management: 7 Keys to Retaining Employees

The quality of home health management that home health care nurses, therapists or aides receive is critical to employee retention. The reasons home health workers leave their jobs has more to do with management and supervision not the job itself.

It is not enough that the supervisor...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 17, 2016

Home Health Marketing and the Affordable Care Act

Your home health Business Plan must consider home health marketing. And home health marketing must consider patient satisfaction.  It all starts with ObamaCare.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 3, 2016

Patient Teaching for Optimizing OASIS C ADLs M1800-M1845

If you are a MyHomecareBiz subscriber you know that SmartDX OASIS forms for home health automatically generates an assessment and intervention plan for each indicated skill including patient teaching. Below are are some recommended strategies for helping patients achieve...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 20, 2016