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How to Perform Employee Evaluations: Home Health Policies

Your home health policies and procedures need to address how to perform employee evaluations, reports MyHomecareBiz..  Employee evaluations shouldn't be intimidating for you or your employee. Preventing a negative experience can depend on how you - or another reviewer - handles the...

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Apr 4, 2018

CMS Suspends Home Health Pre-Claim Reviews in Florida, Illinois

CMS will notify providers at least 30 days in advance when there is a change to the ruling.

FROM National Association of Home Care:  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced Friday 3/31/2017 that it was suspending the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration program...

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Apr 3, 2017

Diabetic Foot Care Patient Teaching Handout

Diabetic Foot Care Patient Education Handouts

Examine your feet daily AND AFTER ANY INJURY, no matter how minor.

  • Report any abnormalities to your physician.
  • Use a water-based moisturizer every day (but not between your toes) to prevent dry skin and cracking.
  • Wear cotton or wool...

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Feb 17, 2017

Home Health Care - High Rate of Antidepressant Use After Cancer

Nearly 1 in 5 survivors taking medication for depression or anxiety years later

(HealthDay News) -- Treatment for depression and anxiety is nearly twice as common among U.S. cancer survivors as it is for those who never had the disease, a new study finds.

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Jan 23, 2017

Home Health: National Handwashing Awareness Week 12/4-12/10/2016

This year the week of December 4 to December 10, 2016 is National Handwashing Awareness Week.  We all know that Practicing hand hygiene in home health is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections.

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Dec 2, 2016

Best Practices for Home Health Aide Supervisory Visits

Include the following evidence-based best clinical practices for performing Home Health Aide supervisory visits:

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Nov 15, 2016

Home Health Policy and Procedure Manual - Upper Body Strengthening

Upper Body Strengthening for ADLs, Transferring, Toileting, Ambulation

Include the following evidence-based best clinical practices in your home health policy and procedure manual:

Arm Raise

  1. Sit in chair.
  2. Feet flat on floor; keep feet even with shoulders.
  3. Arms straight down at...

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Aug 13, 2014