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Home Care Marketing: Get Board-certified Clinical Specialists

Posted by Melissa Cott on May 2, 2014

Board-certified specialists will double your referrals

Home Care Marketing...What would be the ideal 'opening dialogue' to have with a potential referral source like a physician or discharge planner?  It should go something like this...

"Hi Dr. Smith. You have a lot of choices of who to use for a Home Health Agency.  And there’s a few reasons why you should consider us first.6750874

We have nurses who are board-certified specialists in your area of practice (diabetes, pain, cardiac, psychiatric, etc) …

Our specialists help patients achieve clinical outcomes in less time and less visits.  I can show you how we recently helped one of your patients achieve outcomes and discharge with 20% fewer visits than the national average...

When you’re choosing a home health provider remember that more patients improve their clinical outcomes with our Agency than any other HHA in this area……when can I follow up?”

Employing board-certified clinical nurse specialists will double your referrals with both physicians and hospital discharge planners.

How to decide which specialty - identify opportunities

• Are you rural or urban
• Check what your competition is doing
• Identify local Physician and Acute Care Practices that are specializing – they’ll be your target referral sources

The Pros of getting Nurses Board-Certified

▫ A great recruitment and retention feature
▫ A way to reward loyal nurses
▫ You’ll double your referrals

The Cons...

▫ Time-consuming - Getting nurses board-certified will take 6-8 months.
▫ Expensive
▫ Not all nurses can do it

The nurse's process of preparing for the exam

• Go to http://www.nursecredentialing.org/ and select a specialty
• Plan on 6-8 month study preparation
• Prepare employment agreements, work schedule
• Purchase Course Book, Study Guides
• Join on-line Study Group
• If necessary take review course
•Gerontological CNS
•Home Health CNS
•Pediatric CNS
•Public\Community Health CNS
•Ambulatory Care Nursing
•Cardiac Rehabilitation Nursing
•Cardiac Vascular Nursing
•Case Management Nursing
•Community Health Nursing
•Diabetes Management - Advanced
•General Nursing Practice
•Gerontological Nursing
•High-Risk Perinatal Nursing
•Home Health Nursing
•Medical-Surgical Nursing
•Pain Management
•Pediatric Nursing
•Perinatal Nursing
•Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing
•Public Health Nurse - Advanced
•School Nursing

Keep in mind...

• Cost $400-550 per exam, total cost to HHA $5-10K
• Professional practice development: minimum of 1,000 practice hours in certification role
• Renew every 5 years

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