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OASIS C2Item M1600 - UTI Treatments in Past 14 Days

Posted by Nathan Hope on Oct 5, 2016

OASIS C2Item M1600 Has this patient been treated for a Urinary Tract Infection in the past 14 days?

What does this question cover?

Identifies treatment of urinary tract infection during the past 14 days.

 Available Responses:

0 - No987.png

1 - Yes

NA - Patient on prophylactic treatment

UK - Unknown [Omit “UK” option on DC ]

 Tips for More Accurate Responses:

  • The term “past 14 days” is the two-week period immediately preceding the Start/Resumption of Care date (or for Discharge, the M0090 Date Assessment Completed). This means that for purposes of counting the 14-day period, the Start of Care date is day 0 and the day immediately prior to the Start of Care date is day 1. For example, if the patient’s SOC date is August 20, any treatment for a UTI occurring on or after August 6 would be considered.
  • Unknown is not an option at Discharge from Agency.
  • Enter Response 0 – No, if patient has not been treated for a UTI within the past two weeks, including if the patient had symptoms of a UTI or a positive culture for which the physician did not prescribe treatment, or the treatment ended more than 14 days ago.
  • Enter Response 1 – Yes, when the patient has been prescribed an antibiotic within the past 14 days specifically for a confirmed or suspected UTI.
  • Enter Response 1 – Yes, if the patient is on prophylactic treatment and develops a UTI.
  • Enter “NA” – if the patient is on prophylactic treatment to prevent UTIs.