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Short-Term Home Health Marketing Basics II...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Jan 18, 2017

Your Business Development Plan should have short-term home health MyHomecareBiz marketing and long term business growth goals. Home Care Marketing.

iStock_000009504484XSmallFor the long term you want to make sure your Agency is working toward achieving top OASIS outcomes.  When you achieve a ranking that puts you in the top 1-5% of HHAs in your metro-area you will have consistent and sustained increase in patient referrals, and stronger relationships with physicians, hospitals and other referral sources.

Short Term Marketing Basics

In the short term you should establish a marketing presence that communicates that your Agency is a leader in the Community and eager to serve the public. This effort is achieved through a professionally designed Website that is updated every month or so with news-worthy information, a Newsletter that you circulate regularly, and Social Media such as Facebook.

Home Health Marketing


A newsletter is the “most bang for your buck”. It’s the most cost-effective way to get your name in front of thousands of potential referral sources and patients on a regular basis. Develop a professional newsletter that provides interesting and valuable information that your target audience will use (“How to Apply for Medicaid”, “How to Keep your Home Safe”) and success stories about your patients and the care you provide.  You can also publish your newsletter on your website and on social media.


  • Have a mission statement
  • List services, locations
  • Identify specialty areas
  • Biographies of Agency leaders
  • Training protocols for Agency Staff
  • Mention Clinical “Best Practice” System


Professionally-designed Website

  • Change content so it matches newsletter
  • Change content no less than every 3 months


In-Person Marketer

  • Owner/administrator is best marketer
  • Understands and communicates effectively HHA’s Best Practice system
  • Is knowledgeable about HHA’s COMPARE & CAHPS scores
  • Has ability to show referral sources real-time monitoring

MyHomecareBiz conducts regular home health marketing seminars.  For more information call (888) 710-6888 x3. http://myhomecarebiz.com/superior-clinical-outcomes/

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