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Report: Temporary Home Health Care Jobs Increasing

Posted by Nathan Hope on Jul 22, 2015

According to a recent Forbes article, the amount of home health aids hired as temporary employees is expected to increase significantly over the next four years.

By analyzing more than 90 state and national employment resources, research by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. has shown that temporary home health aid wages can range between under $15 an hour, and up to $40 an hour for some home health care jobs.


Source: Careerbuilder.com


“Temporary employment will continue on an upward trajectory as companies look for ways to quickly adapt to market dynamics,” said Eric Gilpin, President of CareerBuilder’s Staffing & Recruiting and Healthcare divisions, in a statement. “Two in five U.S. employers expect to hire temporary or contract workers this year, which opens new doors for workers who want to build relationships with different organizations and explore career options.” (Forbes)


The report, initially published by Careerbuilder.com, shows Home Health Aids taking the lead in the percentage increase (+15%) between 2014 and 2019 when it comes to temporary employment positions. This increase tops other occupations such as childcare workers, substitute teachers, retail employees, and pharmacy technicians. Careerbuilder also states “In a separate CareerBuilder and Harris Poll study, 46 percent of employers reported that they plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2015, up from 42 percent last year. Of these employers, more than half (56 percent) plan to transition some temporary or contract workers into full-time, permanent roles.”


The report also analyzed cities with at least 2% more than average temporary employees in the workforce and provided the following findings:


Source: Careerbuilder.com


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