All Clinicians Follow Best Practices.

All Patients Receive Best Practices.

2021 PDGM Utilization Schedules, Clinical Best Practices, OASIS D1 Teaching, Recall & Pathways for Every Patient.

Empower Patients With Diagnosis-Specific Teaching & Recall Plans.

Give Nurses & Therapists Clinical Pathways that Map Specific Steps to Discharge.

Achieve Goals in Less Visits and Thrive Under Medicare's 2021 PDGM.

  • 2021 Utilization Schedules for all PDGM HIPPS codes and Case Mix.
  • Thousands of Evidence-based Best Practice OASIS D1 Teaching & Recall Plans.
  • Teaching & Recall Plans for Every Diagnosis, Procedure and Diet.
  • Same-day ICD-10 Certified Diagnosis Coding and OASIS Review
  • CMS485 Development and Visit Note/Progress Note Quality Assurance

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