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Home Health Care Out-Performs Post-Acute Providers

A recent report has shown that home health agencies are outperforming their post-acute counterparts as a whole in terms of rehospitalization rates. Data released last Wednesday by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation shows that home health agencies have markedly...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Apr 13, 2017

Busy Minds Fight Dementia in Home Health Care Patients

From Healthday: Mentally stimulating activities can protect patients' brains against aging, even if genetically predisposed toward dementia or Alzheimer's disease, a new study reports MyHomecareBiz

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Apr 12, 2017

Home Health Care: Everyone Needs to Sign a Confidentiality Agreement

If you have staff accessing an electronic EMR system you need have to make sure each employee signs the home health forms: EMR Confidentality Form - also known as a Non-Disclosure Form.  A confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement is absolutely necessary for an Agency or any other...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Apr 11, 2017

Home Care Marketing: Get Board-certified Clinical Specialists

Board-certified specialists will double your referrals.

Home Care Marketing...What would be the ideal 'opening dialogue' to have with a potential referral source like a physician or discharge planner?  It should go something like this...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Apr 4, 2017

CMS Suspends Home Health Pre-Claim Reviews in Florida, Illinois

CMS will notify providers at least 30 days in advance when there is a change to the ruling.

FROM National Association of Home Care:  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced Friday 3/31/2017 that it was suspending the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration program...

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Apr 3, 2017

Exercising 2.5 Hours a Week May Slow Parkinson's Progression

Regular exercise can slow the progression of the disease.

FROM HEALTHDAY:  Parkinson's disease can cause tremors, stiffness and trouble with walking. But a new study suggests that regular exercise can slow the progression of the disease, MyHomecareBiz.com has learned.Even those with...

Posted by Dianne Mandal RN on Mar 31, 2017

End-of-Life Discussions End in Confusion, Study Shows

Just 3 out of 10 accurately understood what their loved one wanted.

Posted by Dianne Mandal RN on Mar 29, 2017

Managing the Home Health Patient on Insulin

Home health patient teaching for insulin therapy include the following MyHomecareBiz objectives: 

1. To provide the suggested procedure for the initiation of insulin for people with diabetes which is evidence based and considered best practice2. To ensure that the patient is able to...

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Mar 28, 2017