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Hip Replacement Recovery: 2020 PDGM Utilization Guidelines

Hip replacement recovery for many patients will take place in the home. Hip replacement patients will likely receive formal physical therapy from home health and/or outpatient physical therapy.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 19, 2020

6 Ways to Improve Home Health Face to Face


In its newsletter CGS Medicare reports that many physician certifications do not contain a statement documenting the date of the home health face-to-face encounter.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 18, 2020

COPD Patient Teaching - Home Health Best Practices

COPD (chronic inflammatory lung disease) is a leading cause of death in the United States, affects 16 million Americans and millions more who don’t know they have it. Home health nurses and therapists encounter patients with COPD every day. In addition to COPD drugs, the following...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 13, 2020

PDGM Home Health Billing: Significant Change in Condition (SCIC)

The home health conditions of participation (CoPs) require that agencies update and revise the current OASIS assessment under the following conditions:

(1) The last 5 days of every 60 days if the patient is to be 're-certified', unless there is a beneficiary-elected transfer,

(2) a...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 12, 2020

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Nursing Assessment and Patient Teaching

Any person who is in a bed or chair for 8 hours or longer is at risk for pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers - also known as bed sores, decubitus ulcers, pressure sores and skin ulcers - often develop in patients with the following conditions: diabetes mellitus, deep venous thrombosis,...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 11, 2020

PDGM Therapy: Is PT Always Indicated for a M1860 Mobility Deficit?

When a mobility deficit is recorded on OASIS D’s M1860 is physical therapy always indicated?

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 10, 2020

Teaching Guides for Home Health - Foley Catheter Care

Client Teaching Guides for Home Health Care: Patient Teaching Guidelines for Foley Catheter Care. Sometimes injuries and illnesses make it hard, or impossible, for you to urinate on your own. For this reason, you need an indwelling catheter, also called an indwelling foley catheter....

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 19, 2019

7 Teaching Tips for Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy

Adapted from Dr. Axe: Diabetes affects about one in every three adults in the U.S., and diabetic neuropathy is one of the most likely complications to develop as a side effect because high blood sugar levels affect nerve fibers throughout the body. Diabetic neuropathy (also...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 12, 2019