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Pressure Ulcer Staging - Best Practices for Completing OASIS C2 M1324

Medicare Guidelines for Pressure Ulcer Staging and Completing M1324 - Stage Problematic Pressure Ulcer.

MyHomecareBiz recommends including the following pressure ulcer staging policies and procedures for documenting OASIS C2 M1324 --Stage of Most Problematic Unhealed Pressure Ulcer:

Posted by Nathan Hope on Nov 28, 2017

Are You Using Best Practices to Answer OASIS M1850 - "Transferring"?

Include the following evidence-based OASIS C1 best clinical practices for M1850 Transferring:

(M1850) Transferring: Current ability to move safely from bed to chair, or ability to turn and position self in bed if patient is bedfast.

Identifies current ability to move safely from...

Posted by Melissa Cott on Nov 14, 2017

Home Health 2018 CoPs: Summary of Changes to Patient Rights

Medicare's new home health Conditions of Participation go into effect in January 2018. There are multiple changes to the language of the condition regarding patient rights §484.50.  Changes to the language include the following:

Changes to language at CoP at §484.50 Patient Rights

  • ...

Posted by Joy Joan E. De Castro, RN, MSN on Oct 11, 2017

OASIS C2 - Best Practices for Completing M1910 Fall Risk

Include the following home health care OASIS C2 Best Practices for completing M1910 Falls Risk Assessment on MyHomecareBiz:

Posted by Nathan Hope on May 23, 2017

Home Health Management: Disaster Preparedness

As part of your MyHomecareBiz home health management planning include disaster preparedness to satisfy JCAHO, CHAP and ACHC compliance. In the event of a flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, wind storm, and any other disaster that affects the delivery of scheduled home health...

Posted by Joy Joan E. De Castro, RN, MSN on May 16, 2017

7 Tips for Answering OASIS C2 M2020: "Management of Oral Medications"

MyHomecareBiz: This item is intended to identify the patient’s ability to take all oral (p.o.) medications reliably and safely at all times on OASIS C. The intent of the item is to identify the patient’s ABILITY, not necessarily actual performance.

Posted by Nathan Hope on May 2, 2017

Home Health: Even a Little Exercise Can Help With Arthritis

from HealthDay: Just a little physical activity seems to go a long way toward helping older adults with arthritis remain able to do daily tasks, a new study finds.

Posted by Nathan Hope on Apr 20, 2017

OASIS C2 - Best Practices for Assessing M1242 Pain

Include the following MyHomecareBiz evidence-based OASIS C2 best clinical practices for M1242 Pain Frequency:

(M1242) Frequency of Pain Interfering with patient's activity or movement

Posted by Patty Jampolsky on Apr 18, 2017