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Medicare is on Warpath for Never-Ending Home Health Recertifications

LAZINESS OR NECESSITY? It’s pretty easy to keep a patient around by sending in a nurse to administer a B12 shot or take vital signs once a week, or perhaps by throwing in an occasional PT visit for home health billing. I’ve watched several agencies recertify patients not just month...

Posted by Peggy Mathews on Nov 14, 2016

Home Health Billing: Get Paid Faster with Perfect Medicare Finals

The path to fast payment of a claim is a no-brainer. Make sure the Final Claim is error-free.  Medicare rejects a claim on an error-by-error basis. You can fix one mistake...but the "inspector" will then re-examine the claim for other inconsistencies. This can be exceedingly...

Posted by Peggy Mathews on Oct 26, 2016