PowerPath Guarantees Improved Medicare VBP Outcomes.

Results are immediate. Superior VBP performance begins with your very first patient.

Medicare's Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) became effective for all certified home health agencies on 1/1/2023. Under VBP your Agency's Medicare payments are determined by three conditions: (1) CAHPS (patient satisfaction) scores, (2) patient improvement on eleven (11) OASIS outcomes and (3) patient hospitalization rates.

PowerPath, Medicare VBP & QAPI EMR was developed specifically to help your Agency improve eleven (11) VBP OASIS outcomes and reduce/prevent patient hospitalizations.

Improved Outcomes Means Higher Medicare Reimbursement.

The PowerPath Clinical Management Team trains and guides your Agency to achieve superior OASIS Outcomes and increase your Medicare reimbursement & ranking on Home Health COMPARE. 


In addition we offer daily classes on Case Management and OASIS-E to help you achieve superior VBP OASIS outcomes. Interested in a demonstration?