OASIS-reviewOASIS-E Training Guides & Tests.

There are substantial changes to the new OASIS assessment going into effect January 2023.

Current training guides and tests are based on the draft version of OASIS-E released March 2020. Once Medicare releases the final version (Summer 2022) the guides and tests will be updated.

  • OASIS-E Start of Care/Resumption - 13 Sections/Tests
  • OASIS-E Recertification/Follow-up - 6 Sections/Tests
  • OASIS-E Transfer/Discharge - 11 Sections/Tests


Short-Term & Long-Term OASIS Quality Assurance Review

Our nurse reviewers evaluate the OASIS assessment for accuracy as well as consistency between all related documents: face-to-face, referral, H&P, nursing & therapy evaluations. 

We keep statistics for your training purposes.


We can quality-check OASIS and other documents for a limited period of time to identify training & education needs. Or we can provide long-term QA and coding services. Just let us know! Call or email us or complete the form for a demonstration!