No other software maximizes

profitability like SmartDX.

Physicians, nurses & therapists use SmartDX Mobile to track VBP outcomes, reduce hospitalizations & update careplans in real-time. 

SmartDX maximizes profitability under Medicare's Value-based Purchasing by tracking clinician performance in REAL TIME.

  • Mobile-ready for iPhone, Android, On-line, Off-line
  • Improve Medicare Value-based Purchasing, 5-Star and Home Health COMPARE Rankings IMMEDIATELY.
  • Eliminate/Reduce ADRs
  • Utilization and patient progress tracked in REAL TIME
  • Clinician performance tracked in REAL TIME
  • Breeze through Pre-Claim Review
  • Clinicians select from 100s of Best Practice careplans
  • Medicare Outcomes training all day every day
  • Identify underperforming clinicians and initiate training IMMEDIATELY.


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