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15 Fine Motor Exercises for Home Health Patients

Posted by Melissa Cott on Mar 29, 2018

Fine motor skills are small, precise, coordinated movements, like using your fingers to pick up a coin. Fine motor skills require integrating muscular, skeletal and neurological functions. Physical and occupational therapists can work with you to practice these skills after stroke.

1. Put 10-20 pennies in your hand. Drop into a small bowl or box one at a time. Pick coins up one at a time. Download Patient Teaching Sheet for  Fine Motor Exercises

2. Take 10-20 spring clothespins. Strengthen pinch by putting clothespins on and off side of a box

3. Open/close safety pin with one hand. 

4. Palm flat on table, raise and lower fingers one by one. 

5. Make an O by touching thumb to finger tips one at a time. 

6. Crumple a sheet of newspaper or paper towel into a small ball with one hand.

7. Hand resting on table, spread fingers apart and bring together. 

8. Pick up pencil and roll it between thumb and fingers.

9. Squeeze small rubber sponge or ball of wool. 

10. Practice buttoning/unbuttoning shirt. 

11. Attempt large and s15-02-17-Hand-Exercisesmall buttons.

12. Practice screwing/unscrewing caps to toothpaste, lotion bottles, or other various containers.  

13. Tie/untie shoes. 

14. Sort small objects such as coins, beans, match sticks. 

15. Pick up objects of assorted sizes, shapes, and weights and place in containers.

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