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Consent for Application of Restraints in the Home Health Setting

Your Agency should have home health forms, policies and procedures regarding the consent and application of restraints.

Posted by Trevor Harris on Apr 18, 2022

ACO Overhaul

Posted by Trevor Harris on Feb 8, 2019

Home Health Management: Tips for a Smooth Hiring Process

The process of hiring additional personal for your agency should beging with the home health management management staff assessing the need of the agency and whether or not it requires adding additional personnel or if the tasks can be fairly delegated between existing employees.

Posted by Trevor Harris on Feb 5, 2019

6 Ways to Improve Face to Face for Home Health

In its February 2018 newsletter CGS Medicare reports that many physician certifications do not contain a statement documenting the date of the face-to-face for home health encounter. Most providers utilize the CMS485 form for the plan of care and physician certification. Does your...

Posted by Trevor Harris on Jan 31, 2019

The Benefits of Patient Portals

Patient portals are becoming increasingly important tools in the healthcare system, for both providers and patients. As electronic health records (EHRs) take the place of traditional paper records, many people are using portals as a way to access their records. But, using patient...

Posted by Trevor Harris on Jan 25, 2019

Medicare Home Health Billing: A RAP is Just a Loan

I am constantly surprised at how many agencies authorize RAP after RAP (Request for Advance Payment) and seem to forget about the final claim. It’s great to get that advance payment and use it as Medicare intended...to keep your agency humming along until the final payment is received....

Posted by Trevor Harris on Jan 21, 2019