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How to Perform Home Health Employee Evaluations

Posted by Melissa Cott on Jun 1, 2023

Your home health policies and procedures need to address how to perform employee evaluations, reports MyHomecareBiz.  Employee evaluations shouldn't be intimidating for you or your employee. Preventing a negative experience can depend on how you - or another reviewer - handles the evaluation process. Here’s a guide to help you create a positive employee evaluation procedure at your Agency.

Before the Review

Your employee needs the written job description beforehand. That way s/he knows on what the evaluation is based.  

Your employee should also have a blank copy of the evaluation prior to the review.download-home-health-evaluation

Have the employee fill in the evaluation - beforehand - how they would rate themselves. (You may actually find that they will be harder on them-self than you will be.)

There should be goals outlined for the evaluation. The evaluator should be prepared to identify specific occurrences where the job description was met and not met.

During the Review

Make sure you set enough time aside for each evaluation. 45-60 minutes is sufficient.

Let the employee lead the conversation with her/his own self-evaluation.  Review the job description and the employee's assessment of her/his own performance.

Use specifics - never generalities - in areas of praise and critique.  This adds hard evidence to the evaluation process. Be specific about areas of commendation:

"The way you taught Mrs. Brown about her diabetes medication was very effective."

"When you called in sick at the last minute it put your patients at risk because we had a hard time re-scheduling your shifts."


Review the Agency's policies for continuing education, re-orientation and skills-test update and the employee's compliance with the policies.  As necessary determine a schedule for the employee to meet requirements for continuing education, skills testing and re-orientation.

Review the Agency's policies for promotion. Discuss the employee's intentions on seeking a promotion.

Review the Agency's policies for employment termination.

Schedule the next employee evaluation.

In General

Let the employee do most of the talking.

Be tough, but be fair. Listen to the arguments being made by the employee and address them one by one.

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