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Best Practices for Home Health Aide Supervisory Visits


The objective of the home health supervisory visit is to determine...

    1. if the aide is following the careplan,
    2. if the careplan is meeting the patient's needs,
    3. if the patient/caregiver is satisfied with the careplan and the performance of the aide.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Feb 11, 2021

Do Your Home Health Aides Know Basic Grooming Principles?

One of the most challenging responsibilities that home health workers have when taking of the elderly is providing personal care. Maintaining personal hygiene and grooming while promoting independence are vital to enabling the elderly patient to feel the best about his or her own...

Posted by Joy Joan E. De Castro, RN, MSN on Oct 18, 2019

Home Health Aide Supervision...Right & Wrong

Include the following evidence-based MyHomecareBiz OASIS Home Health best for evaluating home health aide responsibilities and home health aide supervision:

Posted by Melissa Cott on Oct 10, 2019

11 Screening Must-Dos Before Hiring Home Health Aide Jobs

Adapted from the AIG Home Health Edition: The home health aide screening process is one of the most important steps in hiring a home health aide. The following activities can help to assure that the right person is hired.

Posted by Melissa Cott on Apr 1, 2019