Daily Medicare CoP Chart and Progress Note Review

Our Team performs DAILY Medicare-CoP Compliance Review of the Clinical Chart including Progress Notes.

Progress/Visit Note Compliance

We evaluate compliance of progress and visit notes with physician orders and Medicare CoPs §484.11, §484.58, §484.60, §484.75, §484.80, §484.50.

Medicare Chart Review

We evaluate compliance of your patient charts with Medicare CoPs §484.11, §484.58, §484.60, §484.75, §484.80, §484.50.


OASIS Review

Nurse reviewers evaluate the OASIS assessment for accuracy as well as consistency between all related documents: face-to-face, referral, H&P, nursing & therapy evaluations. 

CMS485 & Verbal Order Review

Reviewers compare the contents of the CMS485 for consistency between all related documents: referral, OASIS, H&P, nursing & therapy evaluations.

Medication Reconciliation

We compare the EMR list of medications, dose, route & frequency for consistency with the referral documents & H&P and also identify any interactions between drugs.

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