CMS-485-2-1CMS485 Quality Assurance Review

Our nurse reviewers compare the contents of the CMS485 for consistency between all related documents: referral, OASIS, H&P, nursing & therapy evaluations.

We Reconcile Medication Lists.

We compare the EMR list of medications, dose, route & frequency for consistency with the referral documents & H&P  and also identify any interactions between drugs.

We Write Medicare-compliant Careplans & Clinical Pathways.

Our careplans meet all Conditions and Standards required by Medicare. We research the referral, OASIS, H&P, nursing & therapy evaluations and write Medicare-compliant careplans that transition to a time and work-saving clinical pathway.

Pathways cut time & work in half. It's that simple. Our software PowerPath compiles the Best Practice assessment, patient teaching & procedures for each patient's unique set of diagnoses. The clinician arrives to the visit 100% prepared and the patient receives Best Practice Care. 

We keep statistics for your training purposes.