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Home Health: Even a Little Exercise Can Help With Arthritis

Home health care - from HealthDay: Just a little physical activity seems to go a long way toward helping older adults with arthritis remain able to do daily tasks, a new study finds.

Posted by Nathan Hope on Apr 20, 2017

Home Health Care Out-Performs Post-Acute Providers

A recent report has shown that home health agencies are outperforming their post-acute counterparts as a whole in terms of rehospitalization rates. Data released last Wednesday by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation shows that home health agencies have markedly...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Apr 13, 2017

OASIS C2 - Best Practices for Completing M1900 Fall Risk

Include the following home health care OASIS C2 Best Practices for completing M1900 Falls Risk Assessment on MyHomecareBiz:

Posted by Nathan Hope on Dec 15, 2016

Home Health Care Services versus Assisted Living Cost Comparisons

A report recently published by the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) has found that payments via Medicare for hospice services in assisted living facilities have increased nearly twofold in the past five years when cared to other options such as home health...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Dec 5, 2016

Home Health Care: 50% of Patients Non-Compliant with Meds...

MacMaster University in Canada has recently released a new study, led by Robby Nieuwlaat, showing that half of home health care patients do not take their medications as prescribed, despite any med teaching interventions.

Posted by Nathan Hope on Nov 30, 2016

Prepare for OASIS C2 Changes: M1060 - Height and Weight

This blog post will be covering new OASIS C2 item: M1060: Height and Weight

Posted by Nathan Hope on Oct 28, 2016

7 Easy Tips to Improve OASIS Outcomes for M1860 - Ambulation/Locomotion

M1860) Ambulation/Locomotion: “Current ability to walk safely, once in a standing position, or use a wheelchair, once in a seated position, on a variety of surfaces.”

Purpose of item:

OASIS - Identifies the patient’s ability and the type of assistance required to safely ambulate or...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Oct 19, 2016

OASIS C2 Changes Coming January 1st - Are You Prepared?

With OASIS C2 being implemented on January 1st 2017, it’s extremely important that your agency or facility is educated with the upcoming changes. Because of this, we’d like to do our part in helping all agencies familiarize themselves with the new additions and modifications to...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Oct 17, 2016