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Study of Retirees Concludes that Home Health Care is Preferred

A new retirement study conducted by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave polled the preferences of retirees aged 50 or older to determine their preferred long-term care method. The results concluded that the majority chose prefer home health care within their own home as their primary chosen...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Feb 1, 2017

Bonus From Home Health Blood Pressure Medications: Fewer Fractures?

(HealthDay News) -- High blood pressure and weakened bones are two big health issues for seniors with and without home health care services.Now, new data suggests that one class of drugs might help protect against both.

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Jan 30, 2017

High Blood Pressure Increasing Worldwide

(HealthDay News) -- As the number of people around the world with elevated or high blood pressure increases, so do the number of deaths linked to this "silent killer," a new study contends.

An international analysis of nearly 9 million people states that the rate of high blood...

Posted by Steven Steggles on Jan 26, 2017

Home Health Policies: Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

Hip and knee replacements are the most common inpatient surgery for Medicare beneficiaries and can require lengthy recovery and rehabilitation periods. In 2014, there were more than 400,000 procedures, costing more than $7 billion for the hospitalizations alone.

Posted by Nathan Hope on Jan 16, 2017

New Home Health Conditions Effective 7/13/2017

FROM MEDICARE: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have finalized HHA care policies and rules governing HHAs that will improve the quality of home health care services for Medicare and Medicaid

Posted by Melissa Cott-Webber, RN on Jan 12, 2017

Home Health Policies: 2017 Policy Changes for Medicare Inpatient Rehab

Home Health Policies: Proposed Fiscal Year 2017 Payment and Policy Changes for Medicare Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CMS-1647-P) MyHomecareBiz.com

Posted by Nathan Hope on Dec 23, 2016

Home Health Care Services versus Assisted Living Cost Comparisons

A report recently published by the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) has found that payments via Medicare for hospice services in assisted living facilities have increased nearly twofold in the past five years when cared to other options such as home health...

Posted by Nathan Hope on Dec 5, 2016

Home Health: National Handwashing Awareness Week 12/4-12/10/2016

This year the week of December 4 to December 10, 2016 is National Handwashing Awareness Week.  We all know that Practicing hand hygiene in home health is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections.

Posted by Dianne Mandal RN on Dec 2, 2016